Thursday, February 17, 2011

Featured Game From My Collection: STEEL Harbinger

Steel Harbinger.  Developer  Mindscape Group.  Release date 1996.  Platform  PlayStation.


In the year 2069 North America is shaken by war. Canada and Mexico are combating the United States. Not long after the start of the war, alien pods rain down from space onto North America, sprouting metallic tentacles upon landing. The tentacles attack humans and animals, transforming them instantly into monstrous alien biomechanisms (half organic compound, half machine) bent on destroying any human life they encounter.
Dr. Bowen, a scientist, studies one of these pods in an attempt to learn about the alien species. The pod breaks out of control and attacks his daughter, Miranda Bowen. Miranda escapes, but is still infected by the tentacles. Thus she transforms into Steel Harbinger: a half human, half biomechanical alien, and humanity's last hope for survival. Miranda must battle her way through Kansas, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Houston, Cape Canaveral, Washington, the Antarctic, an alien planetoid, and the Moon in an effort to save the Earth.



Steel Harbinger plays as a Top-down perspective shooter. players can  replenish their strength
by eating killed enemies. players can find and use over 8 weapons in the game. players can pick-up
weapons from dead enemies. as you go into each major city your primary objective is to activate a military satellite that will protect from falling alien tentacle pods. Your other objectives are usually killing aliens and saving human survivors.


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