Thursday, February 24, 2011


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Developer - Millennium Interactive
Publisher - Psygnosis
Release date – 1995

SilverLoad is the title of a graphic adventure video game developed by Millennium Interactive and published by Psygnosis in Europe and Vic Tokai in North America. The game was released in 1995. The player controls, via a first person perspective, a Wild West cowboy as he ventures into a haunted town in order to save a child that was taken from his parents. The U.S. based Entertainment Software Rating Board gave the game a "M" rating for its graphic violence, blood and gore, and bits of profanity. The game was released for the personal computer in Europe, and the original PlayStation edition was given an international release.


The game begins just after a wagon caravan has been attacked by werewolves, who ended up stealing a man's only son. The player character, an anti-hero cowboy, agrees to go to the town, find the child and return him to his father. As the cowboy ventures into the town picking up various objects, interacting with the locals, and finding a safe place before the werewolves begin to prowl, he realizes that this once God-fearing and prosperous silvermining town has become a cursed den of vice, ghouls, vampires and werewolves after the original town's residents slaughtered an American Indian tribe. The tribesmen, as it just so happens, were the cowboy's long-lost ancestors.


As is the case with other graphic adventure games, progress in SilverLoad involves finding and interacting with various "hot spots" in order to pick up objects, solve puzzles and interact with (or kill) the various characters in the town. Picking up certain objects will cause the game's (and town's) clock to move forward, and thus, the trick to success is to pick up the right items in the precise order. Otherwise, the player must restart the game from the beginning, or from the last save point.


  1. I was just trying to find a good video of this game and your videos are spot-on. This game was great. Simultaneously awful and great. I really liked the atmosphere of it. It was pretty spooky and stark probably because it was so simple.

  2. Discovered your blog through your youtube vids for this game. Silverload is one of my all-time favorite games. Totally underrated and in many ways predates Silent Hill.

  3. Well this game is very old I remember seeing my mother playing it .... and here we are, what I really like to know is if anyone knows where I can download it for my ps1 emulator? I'm crazy this game a while ago!