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Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn

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Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn

Developer - Sugar & Rockets
Publisher - Activision
Release date - May 31, 2000

Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn
is a video game created by Sugar & Rockets.


The player controls Lieutenant Jack Morton of NATO, the sole survivor of a terrorist strike on the Blue Harvest, an armored train. He is aided by Christina Wayborn throughout the game, the French ambassador's bodyguard and the NATO council. Traveling around the various carriages of the train, the player must defeat the terrorists, find the French ambassador, and prevent the terrorists from using a nuclear weapon.


The game is a third-person shooter, with other elements including puzzle solving, key searching, stealth and, at several points, driving the train. The game is divided into levels which take place on each carriage of the train, one such carriage may require the player to find key A that opens door B, while another could lead to a boss battle before disarming a bomb. The story here is not completely linear, events can change the entire game's course. The player can use hand-to-hand combat or ranged combat using a variety of weapons. Weapons can be customized using parts obtained throughout the game.

Game saves are completed in the train's toilets, where there is also an item box to store items inside.

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