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Blazing Dragons

Developer – The Illusions Gaming Company

Publisher – Crystal Dynamics

Release date - October 31, 1996

Blazing Dragons is an adventure video game based on the television series of the same name. It developed by The Illusions Gaming Company and published by Crystal Dynamics. In a twist on the legend of King Arthur, the player controls Flicker, a dragon who lives in Camelhot castle and is in love with Princess Flame, but is not eligible to ask for her hand in marriage because he is not a knight. However, the King has announced a dragon tournament, where the winner will not only win the princess but also become the new king.

The humour in the game is heavily influenced by the British comedy of Monty Python and thus includes plenty of mild sexual innuendos, and other shenanigans. The voice cast is headed by Joseph Rye, Terry Jones, Cheech Marin and Harry Shearer, along with supporting performances from veteran voice actors such as Jim Cummings, Jeff Bennett, Kath Soucie, Jess Harnell, Gregg Berger and Charlie Adler.


The evil Sir George and his wizard companion Mervin are plotting to conquer the kingdom of Camelhot and exterminate the dragons. After Sir George's failed siege against Camelhot, he declares his ally, the Black Dragon to win an upcoming dragon tournament the winner of whom shall be married to Flame and become the new king.


As a young Flicker, the player must collect various objects and interact with an eccentric cast of dragon and human characters in order to solve puzzles. The player's overall quest is to become a dragon knight to compete in the grand tournament and win the heart of Princess Flame. However, the player discovers an evil human plot to take over the kingdom by kidnapping the princess.
As is the case with many other graphic adventure games, the player can never die in the game or reach a point in the game where a puzzle cannot be solved.

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