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Clock Tower II The Struggle Within

Developer - Human Entertainment
Publisher - Agetec Inc
Release date - October 31, 1999

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within
is a survival horror point-and-click adventure game created by Human Entertainment, published by Agetec. It is a spin-off to the Clock Tower series and has almost nothing to do with the previous games besides its gameplay.


In the opening FMV, two people are seen holding flashlights and digging in a graveyard. One of them uncovers the dirt and finds a baby which almost suffocated to death. This girl is taken in and later named Alyssa.

Flash forward to sixteen years later, Alyssa Hale is a schoolgirl who has been having dark visions of murdering people ever since she received her father's amulet. She wakes up only to discover that those dreams have come true. There is a cold-blooded, immoral male personality inside her named "Bates" who makes her do things. However, when she has her amulet, it keeps her safe from his invasions. Due to her multiple personality disorder, she has been incarcerated in a mental hospital.
The story begins on the day that she leaves the hospital, with Philip and Kathryn Tate, her uncle and aunt, waiting for her to arrive. Philip comforts Kathryn by reminding her that their daughter Ashley is also coming home. They hear a noise at the door, and Kathryn goes to see if it is Ashley. Philip says something about the "Maxwell Curse", before Kathryn screams and he rushes over to see what is happening.

Alyssa arrives at the house later that night. When no-one answers the door, she goes in, and finds several green body parts strewn around the house. When she reaches Ashley's room, she finds Ashley's severed head, which causes Bates to emerge. Bates goes downstairs and finds the Amulet, which allows Alyssa to take control again.


Following its predecessors, the gameplay is more about hiding and solving puzzles, rather than fighting the player's pursuers. This degenerates as the plot advances, and the main character is eventually forced to use guns and other tools in several endgame action sequences.

Its interface consists of a point-and-click system similar to the one used by Sierra Entertainment games, such as the Gabriel Knight series. There is an inventory screen that appears if the user drags the pointer to the upper side of the screen. The game's engine looks similar to Clock Tower 2 (Clock Tower in North America), with a few minor alterations.

Clock Tower Ghost Head features three chapters whose length can change depending on the choices made by the player. The game's replay value comes mostly in its 13 endings, which normally portray the main character dying in different violent ways. The paths to each separate ending can be confusing and difficult to follow accurately and, as such, many players utilize walkthroughs in order to achieve them.

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