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Developer - Konami
Publisher - Konami
Release date - February 27, 1997

Crypt Killer
is an arcade video game produced by Konami. The game is compatible with many lightguns produced for the PlayStation, namely the Konami Justifier. Scenery visuals and characters were all in 3D, while most of the enemies were in "flat" 2D sprites. Despite its horror theme the game doesn't take the theme seriously at all, relying on extensive gameplay instead due to its difficulty.


The players are "crypt raiders" guided by Galazon, the spirit of travels, who resembles a floating head to travel through variously themed caves, temples and crypts in search of the "Eyes of Guidance" which would open the doors of fate. On their journey they are armed with a shotgun to fend off many mythical enemies, such as mummies, skeletons, fish-men, Gargoyles, and an array of other monsters.


One, two or three players simultaneous travel through levels "on tracks" in a similar way to Virtua Cop. At certain points on each level the players choose their path by selecting to go one of two different ways. This helps to keep the game varied for each time played. The opening screen allows one to select the order in which the six levels are played. There are three areas (besides the boss area) per level. At the end of each area, Galazon lets you choose two chained doors, shooting which will take you to the next area. At the end of each level, the player encounters a large boss monster - each guarding the "Eyes of Guidance" to defeat in order to progress. Such bosses include Medusa, a large Pharaoh's head, a flying Sphinx, a multi-armed Hindu God statue, a giant fire-breathing rock gargoyle and a Hydra. As well as being armed with a shotgun, the player can temporally upgrade their weapon by finding concealed more powerful guns such as a Gatling gun, grenade launcher, a more powerful shotgun, and even an Automatic hidden behind breakable objects. In the console versions, for each life the player has three bombs which can destroy all enemies on screen. There is also a bonus where a player receives a maximum of 9 lives and bombs


Every time the player has found the two Eyes of Guidance, an ending is revealed, although Galazon tells you to keep playing until you clear all six levels. All endings start with placing the Eyes of Guidance in the statue. The eye obtained is either red or blue depending on the path chosen at the end of Act 2 in each level. The left path always yields a red eye and the right path always yields a blue eye.

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