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Dino Crisis 2

Developer - Capcom Production Studio 4
Publisher - JP Capcom
Release date - September 29, 2000

Dino Crisis 2 is an action-adventure video game developed by Capcom in 2000.

After the events of the previous game, unsafe research into time-distorting Third Energy has resulted in an entire research base, military institution, and fictional metropolis of Edward City to be transported to another time; along with all of its inhabitants. Secret Operations Raid Team operative Regina returns as one of the main playable characters, sent along as an adviser to the rescue team that travels through time to find survivors of the time displacement and recover data on the Third Energy experiments. Dylan Morton, the rescue team leader, is the second playable character. Despite Dylan and Regina initially going their separate ways, they end up joining forces to find a way back to the present. The player switches between controlling Regina and Dylan at specific points during the story.


On May 10, 2010, TRAT is selected to investigate the disappearance of Edward City and its surrounding countryside. Their mission is to travel through the Time Gate, locate 1300 survivors and collect data on what happened to the Third Energy project. Intelligence operative Regina is brought along as an adviser due to her past experiences. Shortly after arrival by patrol ship, the team's camp is attacked by a large pack of Velociraptors. Dylan, Regina and David are the only ones left alive when suddenly the ground shakes, making the raptors flee. A Tyrannosaurus rex bursts forth from the jungle to attack the group. David manages to save them with an RPG. His shot damages the Tyrannosaurus eye, leaving it permanently disfigured. The enraged dinosaur then chases Dylan and Regina off a cliff. Having survived the fall, they argue about how to proceed before going their separate ways. Regina returns to the ship while Dylan heads into the jungle, spotting a mysterious helmeted figure on his way to the military facility. Upon arrival, he is confronted by the one-eyed T. rex. While escaping to the barracks, he is shot at by unknown helmeted attackers. Later, he attempts to retrieve a key card, triggering a security alert that imprisons him.


Regina (Stephanie Morgenstern) - A member of Secret Operations Raid Team (SORT), Regina is the only returning cast member from Dino Crisis that features in the main story. She is extremely intelligent, and she had survived the fatal attack from T. rex one year ago, the mission's name was Dr. Kirk. She is skeptical of Dylan's abilities at the outset, calling him "Mr. Barbarian," before going it alone.

Dylan Morton (Gabriel Hogan) - Part of the Tactical Reconnaissance and Acquisition Team (TRAT), an off-record covert group of shady characters recruited from army special forces. They focus on subversive activities, e.g. jailbreaks and insurgency.

Paula Morton (Lisa Yamanaka) - A recurring character. This teenage girl is part of a helmeted syndicate that is hostile towards Regina and Dylan. She appears childlike and is unable to form complete sentences. Paula shares a special connection with Dylan.

David Fork (Eric Hempsall) - Another prominent TRAT member, David is a heavy weapons specialist and Dylan's friend. He is separated from the others during the opening cinematic. David is boastful, loyal, and can fly a helicopter. Towards the end, he is slain and eaten by an Allosaurus.

Colonel Dylan Morton - Appearing as a hologram at the end of the game, Colonel Morton plays an important role in the story. He reveals the truth about the helmeted attackers and what went wrong with the experiment.


Dino Crisis 2 is an action-adventure game that uses predetermined camera angles. Capcom Production Studio 4. changed the series' focus from the survival horror of the first Dino Crisis by creating a more action-packed arcade-style experience that featured more open areas, greater varieties of weapons and enemies and less emphasis on puzzles.

As players kill dinosaurs in succession, countering attacks and avoiding damage in areas, they can earn "Extinction Points" a form of in-game currency that tally up as player moves between locations. Throughout the game, the player can locate and use computer stations that act as a save point where players can save and load games. They can also spend Extinction Points on new weapons, upgrades, health packs and ammunition. There are also bandages (used to stem bleeding). This type of injury occurs when a player takes damage from certain attacks, and it results in slow draining of the health bar.

There are two forms of weapons in the game, main and sub-weapons; the player can only equip one of each at a time. Main weapons provide the most damage and are used for the majority of attacks, for example shotguns, flamethrowers and rifles whereas sub-weapons are used to get past obstacles, like the machete for cutting plant vines and the firewall gun that creates a temporary wall of fire against foes. Over the course of the game players switch roles between Regina and Dylan, the two have different weapons, making some passages blocked for one but accessible for the other.

Among the action-adventure gameplay are sections of on rails shooting, such as a chase where the player shoots at dinosaurs that are chasing an automatically driven vehicle and, like the previous game, several puzzles. Throughout the game, the player finds data files and documents that progress the story and give details of certain areas. Hidden "Dino Files" can also be found; these go into detail about each dinosaur in the game. Upon collecting all the available Dino Files, the player is granted unlimited ammunition for weapons on the next play through.

Extra Crisis

Upon completion of the main game, there is an unlockable mode known as Extra Crisis with two gameplay modes: "Dino Colosseum" and "Dino Duel". Colosseum is a survival mode where a chosen character with their own pre-set weapons fight off series of attacks by certain dinosaurs, the larger and more deadly being the latter. Upon completion the player is graded and awarded a trophy on how well they performed. Dino Duel is a mode that allows the player to take control of a dinosaur and battle another in the style of a fighting game. Completion of the game on harder difficulties allows more characters and dinosaurs to become available for purchase, using the final Extinction Points gathered from that play through. These include Gail and Rick, two characters from the first game. Dinosaurs can also be used in Dino Colosseum, however, they must be unlocked by completing the game in normal or hard mode.


Dino Crisis 2: Original Soundtrack was composed by Sayaka Fujita and Makoto Tomozawa with a catalog number of CPCA-1046. A number of themes are reprised from the first game.

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