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Developer - Insomniac Games
Publisher Universal Interactive Studios
Release date - November 30, 1996

Disruptor is a video game for the PlayStation. It was the first game by developer Insomniac Games, who would later go on to create the Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance series. Disruptor started its development as a 3DO game.

In Disruptor, players take control of Psionics equipped LightStormer Corps officer, Jack Curtis ( Don Jeffcoat) as he battles across 13 levels, fighting over 20 different enemy types. Curtis uses pistols, cannons, rifles and an ultra powerful plasma lance to fight various gangs of extraterrestrials

Gameplay of Disruptor is similar to many first-person shooters, but the player has access to special powers called "Psionics", similar to psychokinesis. Different powers include drain, healing, shock, and a shield.


The game opens with President Krieger of Earth's United Nations talking about how he came up through the ranks of the LightStormer Corps. This turns out to be a recruiting commercial airing at the LightStormer Corps Headquarters. There, Jack Curtis, a new recruit, is talking to his elder brother and commanding officer Blake Curtis. Jack is sent on a training mission, after which he and his fellow LightStormer Troy Alexander receive psionic implants. Troy and Jack are sent on another training mission, through an "abandoned" chemical factory.

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