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Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown

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Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown
Developer - 3D Realms/Aardvark Software
Publisher Virgin Interactive
Release date - September 30, 1997

Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown is the name given to the 1997 PlayStation port of Duke Nukem 3D. It is sometimes called simply Duke Nukem for PlayStation and is the first port of this nature. It is also a standalone expansion pack that features new music, some new enemies, and an exclusive fourth episode: Plug 'N' Pray.


The story is the same as the original game with the exception of the port's exclusive episode: Plug 'N' Pray. During this episode, Duke is out to battle the aliens again, this time aiming to destroy a very powerful robot they've built to kill him.

The game set on Earth "sometime in the early 21st century". The levels of the game take players outdoors and indoors through rendered street scenes, military bases, deserts, a flooded city, space stations, moon bases, and a Japanese restaurant.

The game contains several humorous references to pop culture. Some of Duke's lines are drawn from movies such as Aliens, Dirty Harry, Evil Dead II, Full Metal Jacket, Jaws, Pulp Fiction, and They Live; the mutated women saying "Kill me" is a reference to Aliens. Players will encounter corpses of famous characters such as Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Snake Plissken, the protagonist of Doom, and a smashed T-800. In the first episode, players navigate a tunnel in the wall of a prison cell hidden behind a poster, just like in The Shawshank Redemption. During the second episode, players can see The Monolith (from 2001: A Space Odyssey) on the moon. In the bathroom of the first level, 867-5309 is written on a wall.

The game cover itself is a parody of Army of Darkness, with Duke posing as Ash Williams.


The port features all three episodes of the original game, plus one additional episode: Plug 'N' Pray, which includes six extra levels and a secret level. The secret level was also included in the PC version. It features a complete re-rendering of all the weapons and enemies, and a combination of bespoke and rearranged music, some rearranged from the PC version, and some original, in XA streaming audio made by Mark 'madfiddler' Knight,

The new episode includes six new enemies: a blue-colored Assault Trooper variant, Ghost Enforcer, Pig-in-a-Dress, a zombie-like Pig Cop, Magnum P.I.G., and the underwater shark-like Sentry Drone. It also includes a new final boss, the CyberKeef.

The game is compatible with analog controllers. The game features a deathmatch mode for multiplayer, but only between separate consoles (i.e. one player per PlayStation).

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