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Developer - Genki Co., Ltd.
Publisher – Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date - Oct 1, 1996

EPIDEMIC is the unofficial sequel to KILEAK: The DNA Imperative. The year is 2065, and the human race faces extinction from a deadly virus. Those lucky enough to be alive live under the Byflos, and they view Byflos as a savior. After the virus infects your girlfriend, you begin to think that Byflos may be responsible for the outbreak in the first place. Strap in behind the controls of a giant mechanized robot and blast over 40 different types of enemies, and never miss a bad guy with a new target-locking system. Collect items and then use them to solve the multitude of puzzles, and never lose track of where you are and where you been with the auto-mapping function. The story comes to life with full-motion video clips. Is Byflos responsible for the plague ravaging the world? Find the truth in EPIDEMIC.

.Non-linear gameplay is tracked by 3D rotating position map and heads-up displays showing
 health, shield, and energy status.

.Multiple levels, hidden rooms, special power-ups, and over 40 enemies attack you
 from all angles.

.Epidemic supersedes Kileak: The DNA Lmperative with advanced 3D rendered graphics,
 increased AI, faster character movement and incredible sound effects.

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