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Incredible Crisis
Developer - Polygon Magic
Publisher - Titus Interactive
Release date - November 6, 2000

Incredible Crisis is a PlayStation video game developed by Polygon Magic. The game was first published in Japan by Tokuma Shoten on June 24, 1999. Translated versions were released by Titus Interactive in North America and Europe throughout November 2000.

Incredible Crisis follows the four members of a working-class Japanese family on their bizarre adventures home from their daily routines to get birthday presents for the family's grandmother. The game consists of several action-oriented minigames strung together and book-ended with pre-rendered cutscenes. The game was designed and scripted by Kenichi Nishi and features music from the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.


There are a total of 24 minigames that comprise the larger game as a whole, but some of them repeat. Despite using only one controller, the game still falls under the party genre, because the simplistic, quick hitting mini-games allow for the controller to be passed from player to player. The minigames, which are the main gameplay elements that the player controls, are played using directional buttons to block debris while the action buttons are used to manipulate the puzzle. Some puzzles, however, focus on thinking in a time limit rather than dodging-and-completing; such as Etsuko's task to replace an item's exact weight with a combination of her own items. The minigames, after being played in the main story mode of the game, can later be replayed at any time from the main menu.


Incredible Crisis was developed by Polygon Magic. The design and script was done by Kenichi Nishi, a director at Skip Ltd. known for his unconventional approach to game production. The game's art director was Naozumi Yamaguchi, a former Human Entertainment employee who would later go on to work with Sega on projects such as Phantasy Star Universe.

Titus Interactive acquired the rights to publish the game abroad, and introduced it as their only PlayStation title at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2000. Virgin Interactive obtained exclusive rights to distribute the game in Europe. Two of the minigames were removed in the localized release of the game, reportedly because they relied too much on kanji, making them difficult to translate. The game's musical score was composed by the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. A CD titled Tondemo Crisis! Original Soundtrack, featuring 25 songs from the game, was released in Japan by Avex Trax on July 23, 1999.

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