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King's Field
– West / King’s Field II - Japan
Developer - FromSoftware
Publisher - ASCII Entertainment
Release date - February 14, 1996

King's Field is a medieval-themed first-person role playing video game produced by FromSoftware for the PlayStation in 1995. It is the second entry in the King's Field series and the first one released internationally. Since the original King's Field was released exclusively in Japan, the English language version of King's Field II was retitled King's Field.


The game takes place on the island of Melanat. The player takes the role of Granitiki prince Aleph (alternatively named Alef/Alexander), who has taken it upon himself, as one of the king of Verdite's closest friends, to retrieve the holy sword known as the Moonlight Sword, and return it to King Alfred of the kingdom of Verdite. Alexander is washed up on the coast of Melanat, as the sole survivor after the ship he came with sank into the ocean. To find the Moonlight Sword, Alexander must press ever forward and uncover the secrets the dark island of Melanat holds.

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