Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Over Blood

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Developer - Riverhillsoft
Publisher - Electronic Arts
Release date - May 22, 1997

OverBlood is a science fiction video game developed by Riverhillsoft and published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation. It is considered one of the first survival horror games to make use of a fully three-dimensional virtual environment.


Overblood takes place at Lystra Laboratories' hidden research center where a team of scientists have been conducting controversial genetic experiments. The game begins when a system malfunction releases the player character, Raz Karcy (Lars in European releases), from a cryogenic container. Cold and confused, he awakens with no memory. Concerns about his identity are soon replaced by an urgent need to escape, as he reveals the scientists' fateful plan and his role in it.


The game features three playable characters. The majority of the game is played as Raz Karcy, the games protagonist. Others include Milly Azray, a woman who befriends Raz, and Pipo, a small and very helpful robot.


Part adventure game and part survival horror, Overblood incorporates elements of arcade, fighting and puzzle games. The player is able to toggle the camera between first- and third-person, both of which are required to solve the game's various puzzles.

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