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Perfect Weapon is an action game developed by Gray Matter Inc. and published by ASC GAMES. The game was released on the PlayStation in 1994.

The Story

Captain Blake Hunter, Earth Command Defense Force's Top Agent and world champion martial artist, has seen it all and beat them all.

A man transported into an unfamiliar dimension without cause or reason.

is the enemy unaware of Blake's exceptional skills or was he hand-picked because them?

Blake is now facing the fight of his life and facing it alone. While he doesn't know what lurks in the world that surrounds him, he does know one thing the ultimate battle is the one you fight alone.

.4 lethal alien attackers can gang-up on you using first and only behavioral
artificial intelligence

.Take on 20 merciless alien species with over 100 martial arts moves

.Explore over 1.300 rendered environments across five hostile worlds

.Camera angles move as fast as you do

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