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Wild 9 (known as Wildroid 9 in Japan) is a video game developed by Shiny Entertainment for the Sony PlayStation, with a Sega Saturn version also planned but never released. Its gameplay is that of a 2D platformer (with occasional breaks in dimension). The core gameplay revolves around the player character using what is called a "RIG", a sort of electronic lasso, to capture objects and enemies. Objects can be moved to where they are needed, and enemies can be destroyed by using the RIG to smash them on the ground or into environmental dangers. There are also freefall stages (where you try to avoid obstacles while falling) and racing stages (where you chase a boss and try to defeat him while avoiding obstacles).

The Wild 9 is composed of nine orphaned teenage mutants that are basically fighting against the tyranny of huge monster named Karn, whose face is (reputedly) the size of New York state. It’s composed of:

Wex Major

The quick-witted leader of Wild 9, Wex possesses "The Rig" weapon system, and is the only person capable of operating this powerful weapon. As a result, Wex is rumored to be "The Great Champion"; the mystical folk hero believed to lead the oppressed people of the Andromeda Galaxy to defeat Karn and his forces. Wex has reluctantly agreed to lead this motley crew upon the condition that once he finds his kidnapped parents, he will leave and return to Earth.


B'Angus is a creature that permanently resides in Wex's Rig, hiding from his arch-nemesis, "The Black Sheep". Despite being somewhat of a coward, B'Angus is very loyal to Wex and will provide helpful hints during gameplay.


MacSheen can often be found hitting on Boomer or boldly posturing about his prowess in just about any activity. Mac acts as a "living" battery/power tool system, complete with hundreds of possible attachments, enabling him to transform into anything the team needs, including a radar dish, a vehicle, or even a massive gatling gun.


Volstagg is the strong man of the group. Once a normal looking prince and heir to an entire kingdom, Volstagg left his castle one day only to be kidnapped by a group of Karn's bio-geneticists. Their experiment transformed him into a lumbering beast, with immense strength and speed. Upon returning to his home, he found it in ruins, destroyed by Karn's army. He now seeks revenge against Karn.

Boomer McTwist

Boomer is the daughter of the famed Scottish superhero, the "Tartan Spartan". Boomer carries her deceased father's superhero tartan in a sling on her belt. When needed, she can throw down the tartan to gain the superhero powers of her father.


Pokkit is a miserable young man who desperately wants to be accepted by his teammates. At just 3'4", Pokkit has to tie a bike flag to his body to make his presence known. Pokkit is an experiment in 'bio-warping' technology. He wears a jacket covered in pockets from which he ideally can produce any object he needs, though it doesn't always work properly. Although Pokkit is generally unnoticed by the rest of the team, Crystal actually has a crush on him.


Pure living crystalline. Crystal is the team's most intelligent member. She is the tactical and analytical support for her leader Wex Major. While Crystal herself is completely emotionless, her hair acts as an outlet that expresses all of her emotions. In a fight, Crystal moves with unerring accuracy, while her hair belts out wild battle-cries. Crystal is solar powered through the gem she houses in her midsection. When removed from a light source for too long, she crystallizes and becomes immobile.


Henry is the least human in form, yet the most human in spirit. The actual character of Henry is a body of morphing water encased in an eco-suit. He has a curious and awestruck outlook on both life and humans. He has a short attention span, and often changes thoughts mid-sentence. He interfaces with the ship and acts as the team's chief science officer and mobile recon unit. He formerly manned a bio-genetic ship for Karn, however he broke free and eventually met up with the Wild 9.


Pilfer is the captain of the Wild 9 ship. He is completely insane and can often be found in the corner holding loud and obnoxious conversations with himself.


In an attempt to destroy the Wild 9, Karn ordered his bio-engineers to create the most destructive being in all of the Andromeda Cluster. Nitro is the result of that experiment. Encased within a protective suit, Nitro is sealed off from the environment, as he is allergic to everything. His allergies manifest themselves in powerful explosions, making him a powerful weapon.

The Rig

The Rig is a devastating piece of equipment that can either be used to lift and throw objects, or swing from items which requires strength that the user doesn't possess. Using either Anti-Gravity or type of tractor beam technology, the Rig helps Wex throughout his quest.

The machine itself; is worn as a backpack that somehow interacts with a worn component on the arm, the movement and trajectory of the users arm movements is copied and appied to the movement and speed of the object picked up with the beam the Rig sends out. Turning off The Rig just drops the object where it is.

The Rig's beam appears to be very painful to enemies it comes in contact with. Any lassoed enemy will scream and moan loudly while caught in the Rig's beam. Wex can also use the Rig to slam enemies into the walls, floor, ceiling, and any other death traps laid out by Karn. For example, Wex can grab an enemy and slam him into a bed of spikes, creating a safe "floor" for Wex to jump onto.

Energy for the rig is collected by the destruction of Karn's troopers. If enough energy is collected, the beam becomes red and more powerful, slowly scorching whatever is picked up.

B'Angus is known to hide inside the Rig as it is said to be indestructible. From inside the rig, B'Angus will provide hints to Wex.

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