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Gun is a Revisionist Western-themed video game developed by Neversoft. It was published by Activision for the Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2. Gun was released in North America on November 8, 2005, and in mid-to late November in Europe. Since October 13, 2006, the game has also been available to buy on Valve's content delivery platform, Steam. It was released for the PlayStation Portable under the title Gun: Showdown on October 10, 2006. It features new side-missions, a multiplayer mode, and other additions that weren't available in the console versions.


Gun features an open world environment, including side-missions that add to the story of the game. Gun is played by controlling protagonist Colton White from a third person perspective. Players can wield a revolver and switch between rifles, shotguns, various handheld explosives, and bows. Throwing knives are available in Gun Showdown. Attacking and killing enemies fills up a "Quickdraw" gauge, which when activated slows down time, switches to a first-person perspective, and gives the player unlimited ammunition for a short duration, allowing the player to take on a significant number of enemies.

The player is free to roam the game world on foot or riding a horse, taking optional missions as one pleases as a typical sandbox game. As the player progresses through the game, they can opt to complete side-missions, including poker tournaments, cattle herding, law enforcement and bounty hunting. Using money obtained from these side-missions and finding gold veins, players can purchase upgrades to their items. Gun was marketed through the use of "Last Call Poker" — an alternate reality game from 42 Entertainment.


The game begins with a cutscene showing Coronado's Second expedition. The game then moves forward 300 years to Montana. Colton White and his father Ned are hunting for game along the Missouri river. After saving Ned from a giant grizzly bear, Colton and Ned board a steamer, the Morning Star, to sell their skins and meat although Ned seems to have a more mysterious reason for boarding. Suddenly, the steamer is attacked by a corrupt preacher named Reed and a band of renegade soldiers turned savages. After losing ground to the renegades, Colton and Ned are pushed to the back of the boat where Ned reveals he is not Colton's biological father and pushes him over the side to save him from the steamboat's boiler explosion.

A man attempts to rob an unconscious Colton, who awakes. The man, Honest Tom, tells Colton that the steamboat attack was three days ago and there were no survivors. After beating Tom in a race and winning his horse, Tom's posse appears and attacks Colton who kills them all. Colton travels to Dodge City to find Jenny, a whore who knows about Reed. After beating a bunch of cowboys who kidnapped Jenny, she tells him that if anyone knows where to find Reed it is Empire City's mayor: Hoodoo Brown. After assisting the sheriff in finishing the bridge to Empire City, Colton and Jenny travel through Apache land.

Upon arriving at Empire, Colton is made a deputy by Hoodoo and assists his other deputies in finding a leader of the rebellion. After capturing a rebel hideout, Colton is appalled by the other deputies killing of an unarmed couple, and kills them. When he returns to kill Hoodoo, Hoodoo tells him that Jenny is with the preacher and they hear Jenny scream. When Colton runs upstairs to find her, Reed slits her throat in front of him and Hoodoo knocks Colton unconscious. When he awakes, he learns that Reed and Hoodoo are both working for railroad tycoon Thomas Magruder and they throw Colton in jail with the intent to frame and execute him for Jenny's murder. With the help of a safecracker, Soapy, Colton escapes the jail and goes to the rebel's new hideout where he meets their leader, Clay Allison.

Clay takes him on a mission to destroy one of Magruder's trains. As they celebrate the train attack at the hideout, they are attacked by Magruder's men. They repel the attack but Clay gets kidnapped in the process. Colton convinces the rebels to assault Empire City to find Clay and kill Hoodoo. After rescuing Clay, Colton and Hoodoo engage in a final battle where Colton kills Hoodoo. Colton then travels back to Dodge to find Soapy so they can crack a safe that contains an item Ned hid from Magruder on the steamboat.

After saving Soapy from men he cheated in poker, the two travel to the renegades' fort to find a way to the steamboat. However, the two are captured by the leader of the renegades; Sergeant Hollister, who commanded the men who attacked the steamboat. After escaping the fort they assist the local Blackfoot tribe in attacking the fort. After defeating Hollister, Colton and Soapy find the steamboat where they are attacked by Magruder's cavalry and then Reed. Colton kills Reed and he and Soapy discover that the item is a part of a golden cross which can show the way to the famous lost city of gold, Quivira. Colton realizes that the other piece is with the leader of the Apaches, Many Wounds. Colton and Soapy travel across the Badlands with Many Wounds who reveals that Colton's father was a doctor and his mother an Apache. Both were murdered by Magruder and Ned took Colton to make up for showing Magruder where to find them. Many Wounds shows them where to use the cross as a map. Soapy and Colton are attacked by Magruder's men. Colton kills them and steals Magruder's train to assault the mine that Magruder used to look for Quivira. With the help of the Apaches and Clay's rebel forces, Colton fights his way through the mines where he meets Magruder in a final showdown at Quivira. Colton defeats Magruder and escapes the mines with the help of Many Wounds.


Colton "Cole" White (Thomas Jane) - The Apache protagonist and player character of the story. He grew up learning the way of the outdoors from his adoptive father, Ned White.

Soapy Jennings (Dave Wittenberg) - A safe cracker

Thomas "Tom" Magruder (Lance Henriksen) - The main antagonist of the story.

Ned White (Kris Kristofferson) - Colton's adoptive father.

"Reverend" Josiah Reed (Brad Dourif) - A priest who works for Magruder as a hired killer.

Mayor Hoodoo Brown (Ron Perlman) - The fast-talking mayor of Empire City.

Clay Allison (Tom Skerritt) - A former Corporal for the Confederate and friend of Ned White and Tom Magruder.

Patrick Denton - The optimistic sheriff of Dodge City.

Fights-At-Dawn (Eric Schweig) - The Blackfoot chief and a proud warrior.

Many Wounds (Eric Schweig) - An Apache Indian who gave Colton to Ned when he was only a baby.

Jenny (Kath Soucie) - A prostitute from Dodge City.


Activision has responded to The Association for American Indian Development's petition, which demands a product recall of Gun on the grounds that the game inaccurately depicts the Apache people using degrading and harmful content. The publisher issued this brief statement:

Activision does not condone or advocate any of the atrocities that occurred in the American West during the 1800s. Gun was designed to reflect the harshness of life on the American frontier at that time. It was not Activision's intention to offend any race or ethnic group with Gun, and we apologize to any who might have been offended by the game's depiction of historical events which have been conveyed not only through video games but through films, television programming, books and other media.


In February 2006, publisher Activision hinted that a sequel may be on the way. More rumors began in September 2007 when a poster for "Gun: Magruder's Ghost" was spotted in a demo for Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, also a Neversoft title. IGN has also added the game as "other game by Activision".According to Joystiq, publisher Activision has apparently hinted during a financial conference that a sequel may be in production.

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