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Medal of Honor: Frontline is the fourth game in the Medal of Honor series, and was published by Electronic Arts. The player character in the game is that of Lt. Jimmy Patterson, from the American OSS. Frontline chronicles Patterson's journey as he fights his way across Europe into Nazi Germany during World War II. Frontline was released in North America for the PlayStation 2 on May 28, 2002 and for the Xbox and GameCube consoles on November 10, 2002.

A remastered version of Frontline was included in the PlayStation 3 version of Medal of Honor.


For Medal of Honor: Frontline, "EA LA decided to make Patterson the star of the D-Day level in order to streamline the plot and eliminate the confusion of switching main characters.


In Frontline, the player takes on a first person view and fights as an American OSS operative in D-Day. There are six missions in Frontline, each made up of several smaller levels. Briefings take place at the start of each mission, which advance the plot and introduce new characters. The smaller missions take place in a linear path, with the player fighting through towns and countryside, killing enemies and completing objectives. Objectives are explained to the character in a smaller briefing before each level, which prepares the player for that particular mission. The "War Room" serves as the game's main menu, and is reminiscent of Britain's secret underground intelligence bunkers during WWII.

Like other Medal of Honor games, Frontline allows the player to earn medals as they complete certain requirements:

Army Commendation Medal
Soldier's Medal
Dutch WWII Commemorative Cross
Legion of Merit
Distinguished Service Flying Cross
Army Distinguished Service Medal
Distinguished Service Cross
Bronze Star
Silver Star


Frontline starts with chronicles Lt. Jimmy Patterson storming the Omaha beaches of Operation Overlord there the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) send him to disrupt German U-boat operations. The OSS discovers that the germans are building a secret weapon but their contact in the Dutch Resitane goes missing so Jimmy joins up with the 82nd Airborne during Operation Market Garden to find him. After finding the contact and rescuing him from german custody, the OSS learn that the secret weapon is a higly advanced jet fighter called HO-IX. Jimmy sets of the destroy the aircraft at the same time he has to cross the Nijmegen Bridge disarming explosives and sending supplies to the British 1st Airbourne in Arnhem. The OSS track down the leader of the building of the fighter (an SS officer called Sturmgiest)and Jimmy goes to Emmerich to hunt him down but aboard Sturmgiest personal train, Sturmgiest escapes but Jimmy Manages to destroy a vital german supply dump. Jimmy iflatrates the secret airfield outside Gotha where the fighter is held, there Jimmy cripples German aircraft production, assaninates Sturmgiest and escapes the airfield using the HO-IX.

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