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Musashiden II: Blade Master​ (武蔵伝II ブレイドマスター Musashiden Tsū Bureido Masutā,? lit. "The Legend of Musashi II: Blade Master"), is a third-person action game developed and published by Square Enix in 2005 for Sony's PlayStation 2. Much like its predecessor, Brave Fencer Musashi, the game involves real-time combat in a 3D environment, and character designs by Tetsuya Nomura.

The game was released in North America, Japan and Europe. Strangely, while the game is not referenced on the Australian PlayStation site nor on the OFLC site, the game was indeed released in Australia, printed with an OFLC "Parental Guidance" (PG) rating.


In the city of Antheum, carried by a magical beast called Anthedon (a large skybound whale), young Princess Mycella prayed in the mystic Chamber of Rites to summon a hero who will save her world from the growing threat posed by Gandrake Enterprises. However, Rothschild interrupts the ritual, which causes the summoned hero – Musashi – to land just a bit off course. He's found by old martial artist Master Mew, who immediately takes him under his wing. Once Musashi's ready, Master Mew sends him into the heart of evil Gandrake Enterprises to rescue the captured Princess and thereby save the world.

Unfortunately for Musashi, President Gandrake kidnaps the Princess again to further the plots of his evil corporation to excavate the world's supply of nebulite and use the Mystics power to power his nebulium engine. To stop Gandrake, and ensure that he can return to his world, Musashi goes in search of the five Maidens that protect the five magic swords that have been lost in order to restore power to a mythical creature known as the Anthedon, which houses the city of Antheum. Along the way, Musashi will have to smash his way through Gandrake Enterprises's endless swarms of killer robots and directors, as well as native monstrosities, but also an ancient evil waiting to plunge the world in eternal darkness.


Musashi: A young samurai summoned by Mycella to save Antheum from Gandrake Enterprises.

Princess Mycella: Princess of the magical realm of Antheum; she's the one who summons Musashi at the beginning of the game.

Five Maidens: The girls who help Musashi, by powering his sword with their abilities.
Burrini: A kind-hearted girl who worked in Tunnbrod's Bakery. Possesses the power of Earth. In Japanese version, her name is Tamie.

Fontina: The wise maiden of all Mystics and a librarian in the archives. She's the only person who objects to Mycella's idea to summon Musashi and believes the maidens can handle the swords and rescue Mycella, but Musashi proves her wrong. Possesses the power of Water. In Japanese version, her name is Licotta.

Mirabo and Maribo: Twin sisters who possess the power of Fire. Mirabo's personality is spunky and energetic (while she had a schoolgirl crush on Musashi), while Maribo's personality is calm and clever. Their power cannot be used unless the twins are synchronizing together.

Istara: The guardian of Picodon Jungle and a swordswoman who possesses the power of Wind. She's an optional opponent in the game that Musashi can challenge her in the Arena. In Japanese version, her name is Maki.

Clochette: The only maiden who left Antheum and betrayed the Mystics as she sided with Gandrake and became his assistance. She kidnapped Mycella the second time, ordered by Gandrake, and later she betrayed by Gandrake when he revealed she's the maiden. She later sided with the Mystics again to atone her mistakes. Possesses the power of Void.

Master Mew: Old cat-like martial arts master. He discovers Musashi after the summoning deposits him in the new world, unconscious. Teaches Musashi the "Way of the Stray Cat". In Japanese version, his name is Mao.

Gandrake: The evil president of Gandrake Enterprises. He is actually a former Samurai from Musashi's world, known there as Ganryu. by the end of the game, he was absorbed into Amestris.

Rothschild, Director of Administration: Leader of the Gandrake Gonin (Gandrake's Five Directors in English), his success comes from his cold, cunning tactics. While being well trusted, Rothschild mentions near the end of the game that he would rather take over Gandrake's company and even asks Musashi for assistance, but Musashi declines Rothschild's offer. Rothschild wields a green, wind-elemental rod with a golden knob at the end of the hilt that conceals a rapier-type sword and can conjure up tornadoes and can unleash a windy blast at will.

Malbec, Director of Research and Development: An intelligent 10-year old boy and youngest of the Gandrake Gonin (Gandrake's Five Directors in English). Creates the robot bosses that Musashi has to deal with in his encounters with Gandrake. Malbec wields a mechanical backpack-like device with two extending arms, which holds his main weapon, a cannon-like firearm called "AK4D7". During the credits roll, Malbec is seen in the Academy, as he became a new student to Mirabo and Maribo. In Japanese version, his name is Albert.

Shiraz, Director of Intelligence: A disturbing cyborg member of the Gandrake Gonin (Gandrake's Five Directors in English). His position is suited to his frugal use of words. He notes that he would eliminate any and all that oppose Gandrake, even if they are one of his co-workers. He seems to be somewhat of a cannibal, when he mentioned that he would actually "devour" Musashi and that the protein would be good for his tail and his nails, which are mechanical. Shiraz is a physical fighter, using hand-to-hand combat.

Riesling, Director of Security: Not the brightest of the Gandrake Gonin (Gandrake's Five Directors in English), and quick to anger. What he lacks in brains, he makes up in brawn. He frequently partners up with Glogg, although he prefers not to. Riesling is often the butt of many jokes made by the other members of Gandrake's group. Riesling wields an axe that has two chainsaw-like edges. In Japanese version, his name is Dio.

Glogg, Director of Negotiations: His brute strength is unmatched among the Gandrake Gonin (Gandrake's Five Directors), using it in aggressive negotiations to secure his company's deals. Glogg partners up with Riesling, and he shows some dislike towards his partner, saying that he would gladly "wipe the smirk" from Riesling's face, but also mentions that they are an acceptable match in combat. Glogg wields an anchor for his weapon and swings it around the battle area with ease. In Japanese version, his name is Ducasse.

The Goddess of Destruction: She is a demon (better known as Amestris) who was sealed within the archnebulus by the ancient hero using the Anthedon's power. Unbeknownst to everyone in modern times. Musashi and the five maidens unintentionally weakened the seal that bound her when they restored a swords' power and the anthedon's power. Amestris during Musashi's fight with Rothschild almost taken over Princess Mycella's body. At the end of the game, She broke free from the Archnebulus and absorbed/killed Gandrake (because she no longer had any use of him). During the fight Amestris shot a laser beam at Mycella killing her instantly. That enraged Musashi to face Amestris. She was soundly defeated after taking two other forms and destroyed for good.

Cast (English)

Musashi: Lenne Hardt
Mycella: Jasmine Allen
Gandrake: Douglas Kirk
Fontina: Michele Stayner
Mirabo & Maribo: Bianca Allen
Istara: Gerri Sorrels
Clochette: Rumiko Varnes
Rothschild: Michael Rhys
Glogg: Murray Johnson
Riesling: Michael Naishtut
Malbec: Yuko Yunokawa
Shiraz: Jack Merluzzi
Master Mew: Barry Gjerde
Amestris: Kether Donahue

Cast (Japanese)

Musashi: Yuki Kaida
Mycella: Miwa Kouzuki
Gandrake: Takehito Koyasu
Tamie: Nanri Yuuka
Licotta: Miyu Matsuki
Mirabo & Maribo: Misato Fukuen
Maki: Yuki Matsuoka
Mao: Takeshi Aono
Clochette: Ai Orikasa
Rothschild: Ryotaro Okiayu
Ducasse: Kenta Miyake
Dio: Hiroki Takahashi
Albert: Yumiko Kobayashi
Shiiraz: Ryuusei Nakao
Amestris: Ikue Otani


The score for Musashi: Samurai Legend was primarily a joint venture between Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano, with a few contributions from Wavelink Zeal. The Surf Coasters, a Japanese surf band, provided the main theme tune, "Samurai Struck". (They also released an album by this same title, which featured a full version of the tune.)

Cultural references

Several elements of Brave Fencer: Musashi and Musashi: Samurai Legend are superficially derived from the legend of Miyamoto Musashi, a famous Japanese swordsman, though the game's plot is unrelated to Miyamoto's life.

Another example is that in Musashi: Samurai Legend the secondary weapon of choice is called "The Great Oar," which is based upon the oar that Miyamoto Musashi used in one of his more famous battles, against Sasaki Kojiro.

Gandrake's revealed name was based on Sasaki Kojirō's samurai name, Ganryu, and the attack he used to incapacitate Musashi is called the "Swallow's Tail," a reference to Sasaki Kojiro's most famous technique, the "Swallow's tail strike." Also, the five swords Musashi must collect over the course of the game are possibly a reference to The Book of Five Rings, the Five Rings being Ground, Water, Fire, Wind and Void, based on the classical elements of Japanese philosophy. This is supported by the fact that the five maidens are rescued in the same order as the elements are presented in the Book.

There is also the reference behind the AK47 a real life weapon while Malbec(one of the games final bosses) wields a cannon called the AK4D7.

Mycella, Burrini, Fontina, Mirabo, Maribo, Istara and Clochette, are all in fact different kinds of cheese. There is even a dog named Asiago, which is a sharp Italian cheese and a cat named Tomme, a common type of cheese produced in the French alps.

The villains on the other hand, have wine-related names. Rothschild is more than likely named after Baron Philippe de Rothschild (Late famous Bordeaux winemaker and owner of the Château Mouton Rothschild), Glogg is a Scandinavian mulled wine, Riesling gets his name from the German/Alsatian white grape varietal while Shiraz and Malbec are red grape varietals.

There is a tribute/in game joke at the end of the game when Gandrake is impatiently waiting for Musashi just as he did in real life at the beginning and there is also a hint that the duel had already taken place in Musashi's homeworld when Gandrake says "I never thought we would repeat those words again"

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