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TimeSplitters is a 2000 first-person shooter developed by Free Radical Design, now known as Crytek UK and published by Eidos, and the first game in the TimeSplitters series. It was released 26 October 2000 as a PlayStation 2 launch game. The game revolves around the concept of travelling through time in a story mode spanning 100 years. The game features a story mode, arcade mode, unlockable challenge mode, and map maker.

It was followed by a second game, TimeSplitters 2, released in 2002, thus beginning the series, which includes a third game, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, released in 2005, and, in June 2007, a fourth game was announced to be in development, titled TimeSplitters 4.

Story mode

The game's story mode can be played alone or cooperatively with one additional player. Taking place at nine fictional locations between 1935 and 2035, the story follows 18 characters' individual attempts at defeating their own foes and the TimeSplitters with whom they have sided. In each level, the player can choose from one of two characters specific to each mission, and must kill enemies as they move through the level to retrieve an object and then carry that object to the exit portal. After a player picks up the object, TimeSplitters, evil mutant creatures, spawn endlessly throughout the level and attack the player.

Arcade mode

In this mode, up to four players and ten bots can compete individually, or in up to four different teams in certain modes. The players can set choose from characters, levels, and weapons that have been unlocked by completing story mode and challenge mode missions.

The modes are:

Deathmatch - The player or team with the highest score based on kills and/or deaths wins.

Bag Tag - The player or team that has possession of the bag for the longest total time during the match wins.

Capture the Bag - Players must retrieve the enemy teams' bag(s) and return them to their own base to score points.

Knockout - Players compete to collect objects in the level and return them to their own team's base.

Escort - A team attempts to protect a bot as it tries to walk to a destination in the level.

Last Stand - Players attempt to protect key destructible objects (including themselves) from the attacking bots for as long as possible.


MapMaker is a tool that allows the player to create their own arena from a selection of 21 pre-made tiles. They are able to add these tiles to the map in any quantity and place. Light settings of the tiles can be edited individually and the map can be given any one of five themes. These themes change the interior shape of the tiles and their appearance. This along with all of the other map settings can be edited at any time. Items can be added to the map to make gameplay more interesting. Once created, the player can play either a "Deathmatch", "Bag Tag", "Capture the Bag" or "Knock out" game in their arena.

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