Friday, November 4, 2011

Eternal Eyes

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Eternal Eyes

Developer - Sunsoft
Publisher – Crave Entertainment
Release date - Oct 31, 2000

Eternal Eyes is a turn-based strategy role-playing game developed by Sunsoft and released by by Crave Entertainment. Designed to appeal to fans of role-playing, fantasy, tactical gameplay, and Japanese anime, Eternal Eyes is a 3-D adventure that combines a strong story line with elements of Pokémon-style monster breeding.

The story of Eternal Eyes is about Luke, a young boy who wants to be an adventurer with his sister Elena and their friends. One day, while exploring for treasure in a local cave, they discover a magical jewel. Luke finds  a secret room in his house. In the hidden room there is a pair of large dolls and a treasure map with an "X" on the nearby town of Goondocks. Luke and Elena decide to go there and check it out. In an abandoned house just outside the town they find another magical jewel, and a note from their deceased parents. In the note Luke and Elena are told that they are members of an ancient and powerful race called the Eternal Eyes, who can control dolls called "Mappets". Mappets are activated by throwing mahical jewels like the ones they had found at dolls like the ones they have at their house. Someone evil is trying to ressurect the godess of destruction, so Luke and Elena must utilize the Mappets to stop this evil occurance from happening!

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