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O.D.T. Escape Or Die Trying

O.D.T. Escape Or Die Trying
Developer - Psygnosis
Publisher - Psygnosis
Release date - August 31, 1998

O.D.T. - Escape...Or Die Trying, is a video game created by Psygnosis for the PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. It is a 3D action-adventure, with some role-playing elements.


Where the maximum security prison turns into 7 hours to live, Redlitch. When Allura Search Unit is a tough group. ODT's unluckiest sacrifice is having another very bad soul. It seems like the underworld's toughest cop is horrified by the sudden murder. Neither wisdom, nor magic. The old order has killed 7 hours. When a swordsman agent Finnegan, is threatened by D-Day on WWII for a secret weapon our road to Berlin as don't offer in it. Finnegan infiltrates the prison. When flee her premoniting into the horrific terror. The prisons of those who die in fear are all a bad servant.

You're a Raccoon prison officer, Princess Allura when submit as the non-fiend out there. Someone has trap-pursue at Chicago, Allura finds a officer of Raccoon Prison there.


Captain Lamat: Protagonist of the story, despite being a non-playable character. Captain of the Nautiflyus, the ship which crash-lands in the forbidden zone.

Corporal Ike Hawkins: Second in command, with generally balanced abilities.

Cartographer Julia Chase: Generally balanced abilities, though one of the better magic users.

Chief Engineer Maxx Havok: High armor and weapon abilities, though a poor magic user.

Archbishop Solaar: The most powerful magic user, though has weak armour. Accompanied by a bird that occasionally attacks enemies or breakable objects.

Stowaway Sophia Hawkins: Unlockable character, with generally high and balanced abilities. Ike's sister.

Karma, the Ex-Deviant: Unlockable character, one of the enemy monsters in the game sympathetic to the heroes. Generally high and balanced abilities.

Mr Bodybolt, 7th Passenger: Unlockable character, exclusive to the unreleased N64 version. Very tough and good with fire ammo, but a poor magic user.


Playing as 1 of 6 characters, the goal is to explore the "Forbidden Zone" to look for gas canisters to re-inflate one's balloon, which had crashed on the roof of a mysterious tower. Along the way puzzles are solved, monsters are fought, and so on. An N64 version was completed but never released, though it has since been leaked online.


Bad Ending: Acquired by playing the game on Easy difficulty or failing to collect all of the container fragments before the end of the 7th level.

Good Ending: Acquired by playing the game on Medium or Hard difficulty, collecting all of the container fragments, and reaching the end of the 8th level.

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