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Deathtrap Dungeon

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Deathtrap Dungeon
Developer - Asylum Studios
Publisher - Eidos Interactive
Release date - January 1996

Deathtrap Dungeon (or Ian Livingstone's Deathtrap Dungeon) is an action-adventure game. It is based on the adventure gamebook of the same name written by Ian Livingstone, and published by Puffin Books in 1984.


Built by a mad baron to bring notoriety to his town, only the brave or foolish would dare to enter Deathtrap Dungeon. Fabulous riches await the victor. Many adventurers have tried - none have come out alive…

As Red Lotus, the alluring assassin, or Chaindog, the savage warrior, you must battle your way to the heart of the dungeon and slay the great dragon, Melkor, mightiest of all the beasts of the underworld. If you succeed, gold and glory will be yours. If you fail, your sole reward is death.

A hellish horde of monsters await you in subterranean pits and passageways. A host of weapons, spells and charms are available - you will need them, for you are about to embark on a heart-stopping journey filled with brutal combat, deadly traps and the darkest magic.


The game is a third-person adventure, with the player taking the role of an adventurer (either the Amazon "Red Lotus" or the Barbarian "Chaindog"), who at the invitation of a wizard explores a series of dungeons and must overcome both monsters and traps to find riches.

• 38 massive levels
• 53 different AI controlled monsters
• 32 different weapons, spells and charms to find and use!

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