Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol
Developer - Runecraft
Publisher - Take-Two Interactive
Release date – April 29, 2001

The thugs and creeps of the world's underbelly are about to meet their match you! Following in the footsteps of earlier releases in the acclaimed SPEC OPS series, SPEC OPS: Ranger Elite lets you select two characters from a pool of tough guys. Choose your team carefully, as each soldier has a unique set of skills, and some pairings will work better than others. Once you've got your duo, guide them through intense, 3D environments, taking out smugglers, terrorists, and other bad dudes. Each international location is based a real-world setting, and the graphics are detailed enough to take the breath right out of your lungs. If you're playing alone, the computer will control one of you two characters, while two-player action is a cooperative mission in split-screen fashion. With so many operatives to choose from, this installment guarantees high replay value and maximum excitement for series fans and newcomers alike.

Spec ops: Ranger Elite. By Runecraft Ltd and Take-Two Interactive Software. Release date 2001. Platform's PlayStation.

 Live a life of Danger as an elite ranger

.New tactical missions feature international foreign policy hotspots

.Each chillingly realistic environment staged in different foreign land.

.Specialized troops load out for one player or two player split-screen battles.

.An arsenal of weaponry and explosives to frag the enemy onslaught

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