Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol
Developer - Runecraft
Publisher - Take-Two Interactive
Release date – May 2000

Fans of modern military strategy are going to gobble this game up like a bar of field rations. In SPEC OPS you're in control of a team of U.S. Army Rangers. Your mission is to guide your squad as you eliminate a series of targets and opponents. In addition to five major missions, you'll have to accomplish a series of subtasks in an allotted amount of time. All your missions are set in huge 3D, ultra-detailed outdoor environments, and most of them will revolve around objectives including reprisal attacks, seize-and-destroy assaults, counterterrorist attacks, and raid-and-destroy missions. Environments that you'll encounter include thick jungles, arctic tundra, and dense forests. Depending on your military training and your battlefield finesse you can choose between stealth and all-out frontal assaults, plus you can equip your troops with the latest high-tech gear like a GPS and night-vision goggles along with the latest in battlefield firepower. As a bonus you can grab a friend and play two-player, split-screen Co-operative mode.

The enemy expects you within 24 hours. Actually, you're already there.

.Choose stealth or all-out frontal assault as you lead your team of rangers into combat
 against ultra-powerful terrorist units.

.Fight against time and huge enemy fores in known global terrorist hotspots.

.An arsenal to choose from including shotguns, grenades, machine guns, sniper rifles,
 tripwire mines, nightvision goggles and more.

.Take on your enemies and share the battle scars in a co-operative two player split screen.

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