Saturday, December 10, 2011

Treasures of The Deep

Treasures of the Deep
Developer - Black Ops Entertainment
Publisher - Namco
Release date – August 31, 1997

Treasures of the Deep is a video game released for the PlayStation. It was developed by Black Ops Entertainment. The game's soundtrack was composed by award winning video game composer Tommy Tallarico.


The story is revealed in the game manual. The player is Jack Runyan, an ex-Navy SEAL and Gulf War veteran who works as an underwater explorer for Undersea Mercenary Agency (UMA), whose headquarters are located near Vieques.


The gameplay in Treasures of the Deep focuses on underwater exploration in a variety of wetsuits and gradually more powerful one-man submersibles, in order to fulfill objectives such as capping underwater oil leaks, exploring shipwrecks, recovering plane crash victims and destroying hostile installations. Finding treasure is also a useful secondary objective - ancient gems from a sunken ship can be put towards upgrading your weapons, equipment, and subs. Various wildlife populate the levels, including sharks that attack the player and bleeding divers and animals. The player is fined for killing passive species.

The game takes place in 14 diverse underwater locations, ranging from the Bermuda Triangle to Antarctica. The levels are designed to evoke a claustrophobic and moody environment. There is an unlockable 'bonus' level, Atlantis. If the player sets a high score, another bonus level is unlocked, 'Shark Attack', where the player is a shark, with the objective of eating as many sea creatures and divers as possible before time runs out.

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