Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Final Fantasy Anthology

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Final Fantasy Anthology is a North American compilation of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI for the Sony PlayStation. Anthology came out in North America in 1999.

Anthology includes several changes, the most noticeable ones being the CGI openings and closings. Final Fantasy VI also includes a Bonus, which consists of the following features:

Cinematics Theater
Concept Art
Dragon's Neck Colosseum Bet/Fight/Win List
Esper List
List of Strago's Lores

Most of the features require the player to beat the game before viewing them, but the Cinematics Theater, Concept Art and Bestiary can be accessed from the beginning, although only half of the features in said categories can be accessed at that point. In addition, Squall Leonhart occasionally makes an appearance on the title screen Final Fantasy VI in sprite form, as well as Cloud Strife making an appearance in the loading screen of Final Fantasy V.

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